The People's network

We have built this company for the people to own collectively. It will allow us to use the content that we the people create and share as a means to build an interest free economic system utilizing data as a commodity, as well as democratizing the technology of the future.

Place is a central element of almost all the content we share and consume; whether it’s a report on events from around the world, a friend’s visit to Paris or the winning goal at Wembley.

Unlike other social/content-sharing networks, Pixwup doesn’t just allow content to be plotted by location, it places the map at the heart of content discovery.

Pixwup’s intuitive interface allows users to upload their own content for public or private viewing, view trending items, and to quickly and easily browse images and videos posted anywhere in the world.

But that is not all Pixwup is, it's about finding and sharing all sorts of information from all over the world.

You can use Pixwup to:

* Explore trending events
* Connect with friends and family
* Share and review the best places to eat
* Leave memories where ever you go
* Find the hottest nightlife spots
* Put items or spaces up for rent or sale
* Find people with similar interests near by
* As a digital I was here
* And many other ways, just use your imagination

So what are you waiting for?

Download Pixwup and start sharing pixels with the world.

Login with Facebook or Google+ and Share directly from the app to Facebook or Twitter.